U series resistors

A newly developed U series metallic resistor is different from the conventional products (V-series). It is an unique construction, low cost and packaging compactly. The U series resistor is rationally designed by a computer on temperature distribution and the limit of temperature rise in the resistors


Temperature management of the resistors by computer designing
•It succeeds in equalization of temperature distribution.
•The temperature management required is possible.

Success of large cost down
•The rise of the productivity by automated manufacturing
•Exclusion of the thorough material loss

Success of making compact
•One half of the spaces requirement comparing with the conventional products
•Weight saving

Establishment of a quick delivery system
•Wide selection range of standard unit on capacity and resistance

Further improvement in quality
•Hygroscopic insulation parts exclusion
•Welding between elements is eliminated

Main applications

1.Neutral grounding resistors
2.Inverter braking resistors
3.Load resistors
4.Motor starting/braking resistors
5.Motor control resistor Others
Standards JIS, JEC, JEM(If required,it is available for other standards such as IEEE, NEMA.)
Cooling method Dry type, Self cooling
Withstand voltage Main circuit 2500VAC, 60Hz, One minute
Insulation resistance Main circuit 10MΩ or more, By 500V megger
Resistor element Main composition Fe-Cr-Al Stainless steel                                           Temperature coefficient 1.32 x 10-4 /°C
Resistor element temperature rise Allowable highest temperature rise: 400K(at continuous rating)
Resistance allowable tolerance Less than ±10% (at 20°C)
Installation Place Indoor, self-standing mounting type
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